舞鈴劇場:海洋慶典 Diabolo Dance Theatre:Ocean Celebration 2017


Mega Ultimate 与 台湾舞铃剧场跨国联手为你呈现一场以海洋世界为主题的扯铃大型音乐剧将于3月11日晚上8时正在Mega Star Arena正式完美揭开序幕一个结合音乐舞蹈与戏剧元素的艺术表演带你走入神秘的海洋世界感受不一样的扯铃新体验



海洋庆典是舞铃剧场最受大众喜爱的剧目之一他透过人线音乐及图腾交织成一首协奏曲 如海平面上的第一道光出现海洋女神的歌声划破黎明人鱼在金黄色的海面上跳跃飞舞一胖一瘦的小丑鱼自由穿于观众和舞台空间带领观众找到心中那份真诚的快乐风起云涌掀起阵阵浪涛潜入深蓝海底的水舞热带鱼在其中穿追逐和铃舞者交织出结合视觉与听觉的流动艺术图腾带领观众发现充满想像的美丽新世界

海洋庆典是由Mega Ultimate与舞铃剧场联合主办Plan 7 Production为协办单位Mega Star Arena为指定场地票价定位RM 150(贵宾卷)\RM 60(普通卷)18岁或以下的年轻人乐龄人士以及残疾人士均售价RM 48。有意购票者可www.peatix.com。欲询问购票详情可浏览https://peatix.com/contact。


1. Mega Ultimate官方网站 www.megaultimate.com.my /

Mega Ultimate面子书/

012-974 1011

2. 舞铃剧场 马来西亚官方网站 http://www.diabolo.my/

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  1. 18岁或以下的学生,乐龄人士以及残疾人士可自动享有优惠价格。
  2. 主办方将于入口处检验身份证/学生证,父母或监护人须以原价购票。若违反购票规则,主办方将保留一切追究权利。

Presented by Mega Ultimate & Diabolo Dance Theatre, a grand Diabolo Dance Theatre Show will be held on 11th March 2017, 8pm at Mega Star Arena.

This is a show which combines music, dance and drama elements. It will bring you a different Chinese Yoyo performance with Ocean Celebration as the theme.

Diabolo is one of the Chinese traditional activity. Since 1995, 冯亚平老师 who is recognized as the Father of Malaysia Diabolo (马来西亚扯铃之父) has brought in Chinese Yoyo tradition from Taiwan into our shores.

This traditional sports has received many positive remarks from various communities, schools and public. It has since became one of the co-curriculum for most primary and secondary school.

On 1986, a group of youthful performers pioneered Diabolo Dance Theatre (舞铃剧场) and brought a lot of excitement to the audiences. Performing over 30 countries with over 1000 shows in total, the team still maintained their original passion and still continue to spread the joy and sentiments all over different countries.

Ocean Celebration海洋庆典】is one of the most loved Chinese Yoyo Musical Show. The story involves characters like the Ocean Goddess, Mermaids, Clown Fish and the Ocean World whereby the performers amaze the audiences with melodious voice, mesmerizing dance and most importantly visually breath-taking Chinese Yoyo performance.

Ocean Celebration海洋庆典】is organized by Mega Ultimate& 舞铃剧场, co-organized by Plan 7 ProductionMega Star Arena as official venue.

The tickets pricing as below:

VIP – RM 150

Normal – RM 60/ RM48 (For 18 years and below, senior citizens & OKU)

Those who are interested, you can purchase the ticket at www.peatix.com。 For more ticket info, please log on to https://peatix.com/contact

For event info, please visit:

1. Mega Ultimate Official Website www.megaultimate.com.my /

Mega Ultimate Facebook Page/012-974 1011

2. Diabolo Dance Theatre Official Website http://www.diabolo.my/

Diabolo Dance Theatre Facebook Page/03-89581150

Term and Conditions:

  1. Student rate applicable to student age 18 years old and below, Senior Citizen and OKU
  2. NRIC/Student ID will be verified at entrance. Shall the patron is not eligible for student rate. Organizer reserves the rights to charge at full rate.

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Sat Mar 11, 2017
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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